Hello My name is Mike Dickinson I am honored to be the manager of the Canal Street Marketplace.

I was born in Glens Falls hospital in 1956, my family moved to New Jersey when I was young, but always loved traveling to Fort Edward to visit our extended family throughout my life. I met my wife in NJ and we raised our 3 children there. I was excited to move back to Fort Edward in 2013, where we feel at home.

The Canal Street Marketplace committee and I are committed to maintaining the community atmosphere that the market has become, where local farmers and artisans are provided a place to offer their products, where  local musicians, the library, 4-H, Cornell cooperative extension, and many other organizations can offer entertaining and informative fun activities for our area residents.

We hold events  such as farm to table dinners, movies, the Locktoberfest festival event and others.

Please follow us on Facebook and check this website to stay informed of whats next and Join us at the Canal Street Marketplace in Fort Edward,NY.

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