The Old Canal Barn
The New Canal Street Marketplace

Canal Wood Shop

The Canal Street Marketplace has a unique history in the many incarnations of the canals that have run through Fort Edward. The building's existence lies in the construction of the Champlain Barge Canal, which took place in Fort Edward, Fort Ann, and Whitehall after 1900. The structure was in the way of the right-of-way for the new channel that was built through the town of Fort Ann, according to William J Culligan, the former section superintendent of the Barge Canal.

The building was taken apart and transported to Fort Edward where it was reconstructed on a former Canal Wharf that had been used as a lumber yard. The building would be used as a Woodshop by the state of New York until the facility was closed in 1978 when the new Lower Broadway facility was completed. 

Canal boats used for maintenance would be stored, along with the buoys, lumber for buffers for lock gates would be shaped and formed in the Woodshop.

Trucks were housed on Lower Broadway next to the office for the canal which had originally stood at the Yacht Basin. It was flooded in 1913, and at some time later, the building was moved down Broadway next to   the truck garage. 

This building was given to the Village of Fort Edward after 1978 by the state of New York. The old Canal garage and office were given for use to Fort Edward Historical Association for Museum purposes. These two buildings are owned by the state of New York. The Canal Street Marketplace is owned by the village of Fort Edward.

The large beams added into the original construction overhead were done to support the large line shaft which hung from the ceiling, now gone. All of the wood working machinery would have run off the line shaft first by a steam engine then an electrical motor would power the line shaft.

Armed with more information than ever and a clear mission, the Village submitted applications to the Department of State, Canal Corporation, and Ag & Markets to bring the farmers market to fruition.  The Village was awarded $150,000 from the DOS EPF-Local Waterfront Revitalization Program and $94,000 from Canal Corporation that is being used to transform this barn into the beautiful Canal Street Marketplace.

Thank you for supporting this extremely important Community Project!