4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Butternut Ridge Farm

Debbie Stevens, Argyle NY

Fruits, vegetables, cider, pumpkins, mums and much more.

s, eggs, chicken, flowers and more.

Barb & Tom's Grill

Sausage peppers & onions, chili, tacos, hot dogs, soup, pretzels and more!

Feathered Fox Farm

Amanda Bengle

Honey, honey products, crafts and more!



Instagram: feathered_fox_farm

Season begins

June 4th 2020 - September 24th 2020. 

2020 Market Line-up

Joint Venture Farm

Gary, MaryAnne and Margaret Brownell

Pork, Chicken and Eggs

Alaturco Mediterranean

Rauf Ziya

Mediterranean Cuisine

Lamb & Chicken Gyros

Gifford Farms

Linda Gifford

Breads, Pies,cookies,jams and many veggies


Heading 1

Fresh, Local

Canal Street Marketplace

63 Canal Street, PO Box 86

Fort Edward, NY 12828


  •     Local farmers choose their varieties based on good flavor instead of long shipping characteristics.

  • Support family farms, conserve farmland & local communities

  • You have a chance to know the farmer and his production methods so you may use your dollar to endorse the methods you support.

  • Fewer miles from field to table reduces fossil fuel consumption and the resulting air pollution.

  • Less packaging means reduced waste.    

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